Atighora to atidura

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atighora : [adj.] terrible; very fierce.

aticarati : [ati + car + a] transgresses; commits adultery.

aticari : [aor. of aticarati] transgressed; commited adultery. || aticārī (m.), 1. transgressor; 2. adulterer.

aticariyā : [f.] 1. transgression; 2. adultery.

aticārini : [f.] an adulteress.

aticca : [abs.] having passed beyond; having overcome.

atichatta : [nt.] an extraordinary sunshade.

atitta : [adj.] unsatisfied.

atittarūpa : [adj.] not being satisfied.

atittha : [nt.] an unsuitable place, way or manner.

atithi : [m.] a guest; stranger.

atidāruṇa : [adj.] horrible; very cruel.

atidivā : [ind.] late in the day.

atidisati : [ati + dis +a] points out; explains.

atidūra : [nt.] a great distance. (adj.), too far; very distant.