Become clear to become neutral

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become clear : pasīdati; sujjhati.

become concentrated : samādhiyati.

become contented : santussati.

become corrupted : padussati.

become dejected : visīdati.

become disheartened : nibbijjati. (pp.) nibbinna.

become dissatisfied : ukkaṇṭhati.

become dissolved : vilīyati. (pp.) vilīna.

become doubtful : kaṅkhati; vicikicchati.

become dried : sukkhati; sussati. (pp.) sukkha.

become dull : muyhati.

become excited : paritassati.

become extinguished : vijjhāyati; nibbāti; nirujjhati.

become fatigued : vihaññati; kilamati.

become fond of : piyāyati.

become free : pamuccati. (pp.) pamutta.

become full : paripūrati. (pp.) paripuṇṇa.

become heated : santappati. (pp.) santatta.

become impure : kilissati.

become indifferent : upekkhati.

become infatuated : sammucchati.

become late : cirāyati.

become neutral : samupekkhati.