Buddharasmi to bubhukkhi

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buddharasmi : [f.] rays from the person of the Buddha.

buddhalīḷhā : [f.] grace of a Buddha.

buddhavacana : [nt.] the teaching of the Buddha.

buddhavisaya : [m.] the scope of a Buddha.

buddhaveneyya : [adj.] to be converted by a Buddha.

buddhasāsana : [nt.] the teaching of the Buddha.

buddhānubhāva : [m.] the majestic power of the Buddha.

buddhānussati : [(buddha + anussati), f.] mindfulness upon the Buddha's virtues.

buddhārammaṇa : [adj.] having its foundation in the Buddha.

buddhālambana : [adj.] having its foundation in the Buddha.

buddhi : [f.] a wisdom; intelligence.

buddhimantu : [adj.] wise; intelligent.

buddhisampanna : [adj.] wise; intelligent.

buddhopaṭṭhāka : [(buddha + upaṭṭhāka) adj.] attending the Buddha.

buddhoppāda : [(buddha + uppāda) m.] the age in which a Buddha is born.

budha : [m.] a wise man; the planet mercury.

budhavāra : [m.] Wednesday.

bubbula : [nt.] a bubble.

bubbulaka : [nt.] a bubble.

bubhukkhati : [bhuj + kha; bhu is doubled, the first bh is changed to b and j to k] wishes to eat.

bubhukkhi : [aor. of bubhukkhati] wished to eat.