Catuppada to cana

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catuppada : [m.] a quadruped.

catubbaṇṇā : [m. (plu.)] people of the four castes.

catubbidha : [adj.] fourfold.

catubbhidha : [adj.] fourfold.

catubhūmaka : [adj.] having four storeys or stages.

catumadhura : [nt.] the four sweets; ghee, honey, sugar and sesemum oil.

catura : [adj.] clever; skilled; shrewd.

caturaṃsa : [adj.] having four edges.

caturaṅgika : [adj.] consisting of four divisions.

caturaṅgula : [adj.] measuring four inches.

caturanginī : [f.] (an army) consisting of elephants, chariots, cavalry, and infantry.

caturassa : [adj.] quadrangular.

caturāsīti : [f.] eighty-four.

catuvīsati : [f.] twenty-four.

catusaṭṭhi : [f.] sixty-four.

catusattati : [f.] seventy-four.

catta : [pp. of cajati] given up; sacrificed.

cattutthī : [f.] the fourth day of a fortnight; the fourth case, i.e. Dative.

cana : a particle used to express a portion of a whole: kudācana, sometimes