Cavita to cittaka

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cāvita : [pp. of cāveti] brought to fall; driven away.

cāveti : [caus. of cavati] causes to bring to fall; causes to drive away; causes to distract.

cāvetvā : [abs. of cāveti] having caused to bring to fall; having caused to drive away.

cāventa : [pr.p. of cāveti] causing to bring to fall.

cāvesi : [aor. of cāveti] caused to bring to fall; caused to drive away.

ci : an indefinite interrogative particle: koci = some one.

cikkhalla : [nt.] mire; mud; swamp.

ciṅgulaka : [nt.] a flying wheel made of a palm leaves, etc.

ciṅgulāyati : [deno. of ciṅgula] revolves round.

cicciṭāyati : [onom.] hisses; fizzes; makes the sound chit chit.

ciñcā : [f.] tamarind.

ciṭiciṭāyati : [v.] makes the sound citi-citi.

ciṇṇa : [pp. of cināti] practised; made a habit of; accomplished.

cita : [pp. of cināti] heaped; lined or faced with.

citaka : [m.] funeral pile; pyre.

citi : [f.] a heap; a cairn.

citta : [nt.] mind; thought; (m.), name of a month: March-April. (adj.), variegated; manifold; beautiful. (nt.), a painting; picture.

cittaka : [nt.] a sectarian mark on the forehead.