Chaddesi to chadha

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chaḍḍesi : [aor. of chaḍḍeti] abandoned; rejected; leaved.

chaṇa : [m.] a festival.

chaṇadivasa : [m.] festival day.

chatta : [nt.] umbrella; sunshade; the royal canopy.

chattakāra : [m.] maker of sunshades.

chattagāhaka : [m.] one who carries his master's sunshade.

chattadaṇḍa : [f.] the handle of a sunshade.

chattanāḷi : [f.] the handle of a sunshade.

chattapāṇī : [m.] one who carries an umbrella.

chattamaṅgala : [nt.] coronation festival; pinnacle raising of a pagoda.

chattiṃsati : [f.] thirty-six.

chattiṃsā : [f.] thirty-six.

chattussāpana : [nt.] raising of the royal canopy, i.e.; to occupy the throne.

chada : [m.] (in cpds.) anything that covers; a veil.

chadana : [nt.] a thatch; a roof; a cover. || chādana (nt.), covering; clothing; concealment. chādanā (f.) covering; clothing; concealment.

chadaniṭṭhakā : tile.

chaddanta : [adj.] having six tusks. (m.) name of a great lake and a race of elephants.

chaddikā : [f.] vomiting.

chaddhā : [adv.] in six ways.

chadvārika : [adj.] belonging to the six outlets of the senses.

chadhā : [adv.] in six ways.