Chanaka to chalanga

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chanaka : [nt.] the dung of animals.

chanavuti : [f.] ninety-six.

chanda : [m.; nt.] (mano-group), metrics; prosody. (m.), impulse; will; wish.

chandaka : [nt.] vote; a voluntary collection.

chandatā : [f.] (in cpds.), impulse; desire for.

chandarāga : [m.] exciting desire.

chandāgati : [f.] wrong way of behaviour under an impulse.

channa : [adj.] proper; suitable. (pp. of chādeti) covered; concealed; thatched; given pleasure; relished.

chapaññāsā : [f.] fifty-six.

chappada : [m.] a bee.

chabbaggiya : [adj.] belonging to the group of six.

chabbaṇṇa : [adj.] consisting of six colours.

chabbassika : [adj.] existing throughout six years; six years old.

chabbidha : [adj.] six-fold.

chabbīsati : [f.] twenty-six.

chabbhaggiya : [adj.] belonging to the group of six.

chamā : [f.] the earth; ground.

chambhitatta : [nt.] stupefaction; consternation.

chambhī : [adj.] terrified; paralysed with fear.

chammāsika : [adj.] existing or enough for six.

chaḷaṃsa : [adj.] having six sides or coners, hexagonal.

chaḷaṅga : [adj.] consisting of six parts.