Chapaka to chindi

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chāpaka : [m.] the young one of animal.

chāyamāna : [nt.] the measuring of shadow.

chāyarūpa : [nt.] a photograph; portrait.

chāyā : [f.] shade; shadow.

chārikā : [f.] ashes.

chāha : [nt.] six days.

chiggala : [nt.] a hole.

chijjati : [pass. of chindati] is cut, broken or severed.

chijjanta : [pr.p. of chijjati] breaking.

chijjamāna : [pr.p. of chijjati] breaking.

chijji : [aor. of chijjati] was broken.

chijjitvā : [abs. of chijjati] having been broken.

chijjiya : [abs. of chijjati] having broken.

chida : (in cpds.), breaking; cutting; destroying: bandhanacchida = one who breaks or cuts the bond.

chidda : [nt.] a hole; a fissure; fault; defect. (adj.), having fissures; perforated; faulty.

chiddaka : [adj.] having holes or poses.

chiddagavesī : [adj.] looking for others' faults or weak points.

chiddāvacchiddaka : [adj.] full of breaches and holes.

chiddita : [adj.] perforated; bored through.

chindati : [chid + ṃ + a] cuts; severs; destroys.

chindanta : [pr.p. of chindati] cutting; destroying.

chindamāna : [pr.p. of chindati] cutting; destroying.

chindāpīyati : [v.] causes to be cut.

chindi : [aor. of chindati] cut; destroyed.