Chinditva to cheda

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chinditvā : [abs. of chindati] having cut; having destroyed.

chindiya : [adj.] breakable.

chindīyati : [v.] is cut.

chinna : [pp. of chindati] cut; destroyed.

chinnanāsa : [adj.] one hose nose is cut off.

chinnabhatta : [adj.] famished; starved.

chinnavattha : [adj.] one whose garments are taken by force.

chinnahattha : [adj.] one whose hands are cut off.

chinnāsa : [adj.] without hope.

chinniriyāpatha : [adj.] unable to walk; a cripple.

chuddha : [pp.] thrown away; rejected; contemptible.

chupati : [chup + a] touches.

chupana : [nt.] touching.

chupi : [aor. of chupati] touched.

chupitvā : [abs. of chupati] having touched.

chūrika : [f.] a dagger.

cheka : [adj.] clever; skilful.

chekatā : [f.] cleverness; skill.

chejja : [adj.] fit to cut off; liable to break. (nt.), punishment by cutting off one's limbs.

chettabba : [pt.p. of] ought to be cut off.

chettu : [m.] one who cuts; cutter.

chettuṃ : [inf. of] to cut.

chetvā : [abs.] having cut off or severed.

chetvāna : [abs.] having cut off or severed.

cheda : [m.] cutting off; severance.