Damila to dasa

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damiḷa : [adj.] Tamil.

dametabha : [pt.p. of dameti] should be tamed; should be trained; should be mastered; shoul be converted.

dameti : [dam + e] tames; trains; masters; converts.

dametu : [adj.] tamer, controller; trainer.

dametvā : [abs. of dameti] having tamed; having trained; having mastered; having converted.

damenta : [pr.p. of dameti] taming; training; mastering; converting.

damesi : [aor. of dameti] tamed; trained; mastered; converted.

dampati : [m.] wife and husband.

damma : [adj.] tamed or trained.

dayā : [f.] sympathy; compassion; kindness.

dayālu : [adj.] kind; compassionate.

dayita : [pp.] being sympathised.

dara : [m.] sorrow; anxiety; distress.

daratha : [m.] sorrow; anxiety; distress.

darī : [f.] a cleavage; cleft; cavern.

dala : [nt.] a blade; leaf; petal.

daḷidda : [adj.] poor; needy; a poor person.

daḷha : [adj.] firm; strong; steady.

daḷhaṃ : [adv.] firmly; strongly.

daḷhaparakkama : [adj.] of strong effort; energetic.

daḷhīkamma : [nt.] strengthening; making firm.

daḷhīkaraṇa : [nt.] strengthening; making firm.

dava : [m.] play; sport.

davakamyatā : [f.] fondness of joking.

davaḍāha : [m.] forest fire.

davatthāya : [dat. sing.] for fun.

davāya : [dat. sing.] for fun.

dasa : (in cpds.), one who sees. (adj.), ten.