Dasseti to danapati

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dasseti : [dis + e; dis is changed to das] shows; exhibits.

dassetu : [m.] one who point out or shows.

dassetvā : [abs. of dasseti] having shown; having exhibited.

dassenta : [pr.p. of dasseti] showing; exhibiting.

dassesi : [aor. of dasseti] showed; exhibited.

daha : [m.] like.

dahati : [dah + a] burns; accepts.

dahana : [nt.] burning. (m.) fire.

dahara : [adj.] young in years. (m.) a boy.

dahi : [aor. of dahati] burnt; accepted.

dāṭhā : [f.] a fang; the canine tooth.

dāṭhādhātu : [f.] the tooth relic (of the Buddha).

dāṭhābalī : [adj.] one whose strength lies in his tusks.

dāṭhāvudha : [adj.] using tusks as his weapon.

dāḍima : [nt.] pomegranate.

dātabba : [pt.p. of dadāti] fit to be given.

dātu : [m.] giver; a generous person.

dātuṃ : [inf. of dadāti] to give; to offer; to allow; to grant; to hand over.

dāna : [nt.] gift; charity; alms; alms-giving.

dānakathā : [f.] talk about charity.

dānagga : [nt.] a place where alms are given.

dānanāraha : [adj.] worthy of receiving gifts.

dānapati : [m.] master in liberality.