Desita to dovarika

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desita : [pp. ḍeseti] pointed out; preached; expounded.

deseti : [dis + e] points out; preaches; expounds.

desetu : [m.] a preacher; one who expounds.

desetvā : [abs.] having pointed out; having preached; having expounded.

desenta : [pr.p. deseti] pointing out; preaching; expounding.

desesi : [aor. of deseti] pointed out; preached; expounded.

dessa : [adj.] disagreeable; detestable; odious.

dessiya : [adj.] disagreeable; detestable; odious.

deha : [m. nt.] the body.

dehanikkhepana : [nt.] laying down the body; death.

dehanissita : [adj.] connected with or belonging to the body.

dehī : [m.] that which has a body; a creature.

doṇa : [m. nt.] a measure of capacity; 1/8th of a bushel.

doṇi : [f.] a boat; a canoe; a trough.

doṇikā : [f.] a boat; a canoe; a trough.

domanassa : [nt.] displeasure; melancholy; grief.

dolā : [f.] a swing; palanquin.

dolāyati : [deno. from dolā] swings; moves to and fro.

dolāyi : [aor. of dolāyati] swung; moved to and fro.

dovārika : [m.] gatekeeper.