Dhamma to dhammata

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Dhamma : [m.] doctrine; nature; truth; the Norm; morality; good conduct.

dhammakathā : [f.] religious talk; ethical discussion.

dhammakathika : [m.] one who preaches the Norm.

dhammakamma : [nt.] a legally valid act; procedure in accordance with Vinaya rules.

dhammakāma : [adj.] lover of the truth.

dhammakāya : [adj.] the Normal body.

dhammakkhandha : [m.] a portion of the Norm.

dhammakkhāna : [nt.] preaching of the doctrine.

dhammagaṇḍikā : [f.] the block of justice. i.e., of execution.

dhammagaru : [adj.] respecting the Norm.

dhammagutta : [adj.] protected by the Norm.

dhammaghosaka : [m.] one who announces about the preaching of the Norm.

dhammacakka : [nt.] the wheel of Norm.

dhammacakkappavattana : [nt.] preaching of the universal righteousness.

dhammacakkhu : [nt.] the eye of wisdom.

dhammacariyā : [f.] observance of righteousness.

dhammacārī : [m.] one who walks in the righteousness. (adj.) virtuous.

dhammacetiya : [nt.] a shrine in which sacred texts are enshrined.

dhammajīvī : [adj.] living righteously.

dhammaññū : [adj.] one who knows the doctrine.

dhammaṭṭha : [adj.] just; righteous.

dhammaṭṭhiti : [f.] the real nature of the Norm.

dhammatakka : [m.] right reasoning.

dhammatā : [f.] a general rule; nature.