Dhammavidu to dhammika

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dhammavidū : [adj.] one who understands the Law.

dhammavinicchaya : [m.] righteous decision.

dhammavihārī : [adj.] living according to the Law.

dhammasaṃvibhāga : [m.] distribution of the Law.

dhammasaṅgāhaka : [m.] compiler of the scriptures.

dhammasaṅgīti : [f.] recital of sacred scriptures.

dhammasamādāna : [nt.] acquisition of the Norm.

dhammasaraṇa : [nt.] putting one's faith on the Norm.

dhammasavaṇa : [nt.] hearing of the Norm.

dhammasākacchā : [f.] discussion about the Law.

dhammasālā : [f.] preaching hall.

dhammasenāpati : [m.] generalissimo of the Law.

dhammasoṇḍa : [adj.] fond of the Norm.

dhammassāmī : [m.] the lord of the Norm.

dhammādāsa : [(dhamma + ādāsa), m.] the mirror of the Norm.

dhammādhipati : [(dhamma + adhipati), adj.] respecting of Law as one's guide.

dhammānudhamma : [(dhamma + anudhamma), m.] lawfulness; conformity with the Norm.

dhammānuvattī : [(dhamma + anuvattī), adj.] acting in conformity with the Law.

dhammānusārī : [(dhamma + anusārī), adj.] acting in conformity with the Law.

dhammābhisamaya : [(dhamma + abhisamaya), m.] understanding of the Truth.

dhammāmata : [(dhamma + amata), nt.] the nectar of the Norm.

dhammāsana : [(dhamma + āsana), nt.] a pulpit.

dhammika : [adj.] righteous.