Dhammilla to dhareti

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dhammilla : [m.] a knot of hair; braided hair.

dhammīkathā : [f.] religious talk.

dhara : [adj.] (in cpds.) bearing; holding; keeping in mind; wearing.

dharaṇa : [nt.] a weight comprising about 2/5 of an ounce.

dharaṇī : [f.] the earth.

dharati : [dhar + a] lasts; continues; lives.

dharanta : [pr.p. of dharati] lasting; continuing; living.

dharamāna : [pr.p. of dharati] lasting; continuing; living.

dhari : [aor. of dharati] lasted; continued; lived.

dharuha : [m.] a tree.

dhava : [m.] husband; the acacia tree.

dhavala : [adj.] white; clean. (n.), white colour.

dhātī : [f.] a nurse; foster-mother.

dhātu : [f.] an element; natural condition; a relic; root of a word; humour of the body; faculty of senses.

dhātuka : [adj.] (in cpds.) having the nature of.

dhātukathā : [f.] an explanation about elements; the 3rd book of the Abhidhamma.

dhātukusala : skilled in the elements.

dhātughara : [nt.] a relic chamber.

dhātunānatta : [nt.] diversity of natures or elements.

dhātuvibhāga : [m.] separation of elements; distribution of relics.

dhāraka : [adj.] (in cpds.) bearing; holding; wearing.

dhārita : [pp. of dhāreti] borne; held; worn.

dhāreti : [dhar + e] bears; holds; wears.