Ditthika to dipacci

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diṭṭhika : [adj.] (in cpds.), believing in; having the theory of.

diṭṭhikantāra : [m.] the wilderness of dogma.

diṭṭhigata : [nt.] a belief; wrong view.

diṭṭhigahana : [nt.] the thicket of speculation.

diṭṭhijāla : [nt.] the net of sophistry.

diṭṭhivipatti : [f.] failure in theory.

diṭṭhivipallāsa : [m.] contortion of views.

diṭṭhivisuddhi : [f.] clear vision; right understanding.

diṭṭhisaṃyojana : [nt.] the fetter of empty speculation.

diṭṭhisaṅyojana : [nt.] the fetter of empty speculation.

diṭṭhisampanna : [adj.] endowed with right view.

ditta : [pp. of dippati] blazed; shone.

ditti : [f.] light; brightness.

diddha : [adj.] smeared with; poisoned.

dina : [nt.] day.

dinakara : [m.] the sun.

dinaccaya : [m.] exhaustion of the day; evening.

dinapati : [m.] the sun.

dinādāyī : [dina + ādāyīadj.] taking what is given.

dindibha : [m.] a lap-wing.

dinna : [pp. of deti] given; granted. (pp. of dadāti), given; offered; allowed; granted; handed over.

dinnaka : [m.] an adopted son. (nt.) the thing given.

dinnādāyī : [(dinna + ādāyī) adj.] taking what is given.

dipacci : [f.] flame of a lamp.