Dosa to dvadasa

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dosa : [m.] anger; corrupting; defect; fault.

dosakkhāna : [nt.] blaming.

dosaggi : [m.] the fire of anger.

dosāpagata : [adj.] free from fault or defect.

dosāropaṇa : [nt.] blaming; finding fault.

dosinā : [f.] bright; moonlit.

dohaka : [m.] one who milks.

dohaḷa : [m.] longing of a pregnant woman; strong desire.

dohaḷinī : [f.] the woman who has some longing.

dohī : [adj.] 1. one who milks; 2. an ungrateful person.

dvaṅgula : [adj.] measuring two inches. (nt.) two inches.

dvattiṃsati : [f.] thirty-two.

dvattikkhattuṃ : [adv.] twice or thrice.

dvattipatta : [nt.] two or three bowls.

dvanda : [nt.] a pair; couple; dyad. (m.) the Collective Compound.

dvaya : [nt.] a pair; couple; dyad.

dvācattāḷīsati : [f.] forty-two.

dvādasa : [adj.] twelve.