Dukkhapeti to dukkhapana

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dukkata : [adj.] badly done. (nt.) wrong action.

dukkara : [adj.] difficult to do.

dukkaratā : [f.] difficulty.

dukkaratta : [nt.] difficulty.

dukkarabhāva : [m.] difficulty.

dukkha : [nt.] suffering; pain; misery; agony; discomfort.

dukkhaanubhavana : [nt.] unpleasant of punishment.

dukkhaṃ : [adv.] with difficulty.

dukkhakkhanda : [m.] aggregate of suffering.

dukkhakkhaya : [m.] extinction of misery.

dukkhanidāna : [nt.] source of misery. (adj.) causing pain.

dukkhanirodha : [m.] destruction of suffering.

dukkhanirodhagāminī : [f.] (the practice) leading to the extinction of suffering.

dukkhapaṭikkūla : [adj.] averse to pain.

dukkhapareta : [adj.] afflicted by misery.

dukkhapita : [pp. of dukkhāpeti] afflicted; caused pain; hurt.

dukkhapetvā : [abs. of dukkhāpeti] havig afflicted; having caused pain; having hurt.

dukkhapenta : [pr.p. of dukkhāpeti] afflicting; causing pain; hurting.

dukkhappatta : [adj.] being in pain.

dukkhappahāṇa : [nt.] removal of misery.

dukkhavipāka : [adj.] having pain as its fruit; creating misery.

dukkhasacca : [nt.] the truth of misery.

dukkhasamudaya : [m.] the origin of suffering.

dukkhasamphassa : [adj.] having an unpleasant touch.

dukkhaseyyā : [f.] an uncomfortable sleep.

dukkhānubhavana : [(dukkha + anubhava) nt.] undergoing of punishment.

dukkhāntagū : [(dukkha + antagū) m.] one who has conquered suffering.

dukkhāpagama : [(dukkha + apagama) m.] removal of pain.

dukkhāpana : [nt.] hurting.