Dumagga to durita

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dumagga : [nt.] tree-top.

dumantara : [nt.] variety of trees; interval of trees.

duminda : [(duma + inda), m.] the king of trees, i.e., the Bo-tree.

dumuttama : [(duma + uttama), m.] the king of trees; i.e., the Bo-tree.

dumuppala : [m.] a tree producing yellow flowers. see kaṇikāra.

dummaṅku : [adj.] one who is difficult to make silent; obstinate person.

dummatī : [m.] an evil-minded person; a fool.

dummana : [adj.] unhappy; sorrowful.

dummukha : [adj.] having a sad face.

dummedha : [adj.] foolish.

duyhati : [pass. of duhati] is milked.

duyhi : [aor. of duyhati] was milked.

durakkha : [adj.] difficult to protect.

durakkhāta : [pp.] badly preached.

duraccaya : [adj.] difficult to pass over.

duratikkama : [adj.] difficult to pass over.

duranubhodha : [adj.] difficult to know or understand.

durājāna : [adj.] difficult to know or understand.

durāsada : [adj.] difficult to be approached.

durita : [nt.] sin; bad action.