Durutta to duhi

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durutta : [adj.] badly spoken. (nt.) bad speech.

dulladdha : [adj.] obtained with difficulty.

dulladdhi : [f.] a wrong view.

dullabha : [adj.] rare; difficult to obtain.

duvaṅgika : [adj.] consisting of two portions.

duvidha : [adj.] twofold.

duve : [(nom. plu. of dvi)] two; two person or things.

dussa : [nt.] cloth.

dussakaraṇḍaka : [m.] clothes-chest.

dussakoṭṭhāgāra : [nt.] a store-room for clothes.

dussati : [dus + ya] offends against; becomes corrupted or angry.

dussana : [nt.] offending; corruption; anger.

dussayuga : a suit of garments.

dussavaṭṭi : [f.] a foll of cloth; fringe of a cloth.

dussaha : [adj.] difficult to bear on.

dussi : [aor. of dussati] offended against; became corrupted or angry.

dussitvā : [abs. of dussati] having offended against; having become corrupted or angry.

dussīla : [adj.] of bad character; void of morality.

duha : [adj.] (in cpds.) milking; yielding; granting.

duhati : [duh + a] milks.

duhana : [nt.] milking.

duhamāna : [pr.p. of duhati] milking.

duhi : [aor. of duhati] milked.