Dvijivha to dvejjha

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dvijivha : [adj.] a serpent, (having two tongues).

dvidhā : [adv.] in two ways; in two parts.

dvidhāpatha : [m.] crossing of roads.

dvinavuti : [f.] ninety-two.

dvipa : [m.] an elephant.

dvipaññāsati : [f.] fifty-two.

dvipatha : [m.] crossing of roads.

dvimāsika : [adj.] two months old or existing two months.

dvisaṭṭhi : [f.] sixty-two.

dvisata : [nt.] two hundred.

dvisattati : [f.] seventy-two.

dvisahassa : [nt.] two-thousand.

dvītīhaṃ : [adv.] two or three days.

dvīha : [nt.] two days.

dve : [(nom. plu. of dvi)] the two.

dvejjha : [nt.] doubt; contradiction. (adj.) doubtful.