Eresi to esi

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eresi : [aor. of ereti] shaked; set into motion.

elā : [f.] 1. saliva; 2. the seed or plant of cardamom. || eḷā (f.), saliva.

eḷaka : [m.] a wild goat.

eḷagala : [adj.] with oozing saliva. || eḷagalā (f.), the plant Cassia Tora.

eḷamūga : [m.] idiot.

eḷāluka : [nt.] cucumber.

eva : [ind.] (emphatic particle), only.

evaṃ : [adv.] thus; in this way; (in reply:) yes.

evaṃrūpa : [adj.] this-like or having such a form.

evaṃvidha : [adj.] such like.

evam eva : [ind.] just so.

evam evaṃ : [ind.] exactly; just in the same way.

evarūpa : [adj.] such; of such form.

esa : (euphonic form of eso), that person.

esati : [es + a] seeks; searches.

esanā : [f.] seeking; longing.

esanta : [pr.p. of esati] seeking; searching.

esamāna : [pr.p. of esati] seeking; searching.

esi : [aor. of esati] sought; searched. || esī (m.), seeker.