Ettaka to ereti

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ettaka : [adj.] this much; so much.

ettāvatā : [adv.] so far; to that extent; by this much.

etto : [ind.] from this; here; out of here.

ettha : [adv.] here.

edisa : [adj.] such; such like.

edisaka : [adj.] such; such like.

edha : [m.] fuel; firewood.

edhati : [edh + a] gains; succeeds in.

edhi : [aor. of edhati] gained; succeeded in.

ena : takes this form in some cases.

enta : [pr.p. of eti] coming.

eraka : [m.] a kind of grass used for making coverlets.

erakadussa : [nt.] a garment made of eraka grass of fibre.

eraṇda : [m.] the plant Palma Christi form the seeds of which castor oil is extracted.

erāvaṇa : [m.] name of Indra's elephant.

erāvata : [m.] mandarin orange.

erita : [pp. of ereti] shaken; set into motion.

ereti : [īr + e] shakes; sets into motion.