Gamanakarana to garaha

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gamanakāraṇa : [nt.] reason for going.

gamanantarāya : [m.] obstacle to one's departure.

gamanāgamana : [nt.] going and coming.

gamanīya : [adj.] ought to go; fit to be gone.

gamika : [adj.] going away; setting out for a journey. (m.), a traveller. || gāmika (m.), villager.

gamikavatta : [nt.] preparation for a journey.

gameti : [gam + e] makes go; sends; understands.

gamesi : [aor. of gameti] made go; sent; understood.

gambhīra : [adj.] deep; profound; hard to perceive. (nt.), depth.

gambhīratā : [f.] depth.

gambhīrāvabhāsa : [(gambhīra + avabhāsa) adj.] having the appearance of depth or profundity.

gamma : [adj.] vulgar; what should be understood or attained.

gayha : [adj.] fit to be taken, seized or gripped. (nt.), that which comes into one's grasp.

gayhati : [gah + ya] is taken or seized.

gayhamāna : [pr.p. of gayhati] was being taken or seized.

gayhi : [aor. of gayhati] was taken or seized.

garahati : [garah + a] reproaches; blames; scolds.

garahana : [nt.] reproach; reproof.

garahanta : [pr.p. of garahati] reproaching; blaming; scolding.

garahamāna : [pr.p. of garahati] reproaching; blaming; scolding.

garahā : [f.] reproach; reproof.