Gantum to gandhabba

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gantuṃ  : [inf. of gacchati] to go.

gantvā : [abs. of gacchati] having gone.

gantha : [m.] bond; fetter; a composition; a text.

ganthakāra : [m.] an author; compiler of a book.

ganthadhura : [nt.] the burden of studying Scriptures.

ganthana : [nt.] knitting; twisting; composition.

ganthappamocana : [nt.] releasing from the fetters.

ganthāvali : [f.] literature.

ganthita : [pp. of gantheti] tied; bound or fastened together; knitted.

gantheti : [ganth + e] ties; binds or fastens together; knits.

ganthetvā : [abs. of gantheti] having tied; having bound or fastened together; having knitted.

ganthenta : [pr.p. of gantheti] tying; binding or fastening together; knitting.

ganthesi : [aor. of gantheti] tied; bound or fastened together; knitted.

gandjāta : [nt.] kinds of perfumes.

gandha : [m.] odour; smell; scent.

gandhakuṭi : [f.] perfumed chamber; the room occupied by the Buddha.

gandhakuraṇḍaka : a perfume chest.

gandhacuṇṇa : [nt.] scented powder.

gandhajāta : [nt.] kinds of perfumes.

gandhatela : [nt.] scented oil.

gandhapañcaṅgulika : [nt.] the five-finger-mark made after the fingers have been immersed in some scented solution.

gandhabba : [m.] 1. a musician; a heavenly musician belonging to the demigods; 2. a being ready to take a new existence.