Garahi to gali

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garahi : [aor. of garahati] reproached; blamed; scolded. || garahī (m.), one who blames or censures.

garahita : [pp. of garahati] reproached; blamed; scolded.

garahitvā : [abs. of garahati] having reproached.

garahiya : [abs. of garahati] having reproached.

garu : [adj.] heavy; serious; grave; venerable; honoured. (m.), a teacher; instructor.

garuka : [adj.] heavy; serious; grave.

garukata : [pp. of garukaroti] respected; revered.

garukari : [aor. of garukaroti] respected; revered.

garukaroti : [garu + karoti] respects; reveres.

garukaronta : [pr.p. of garukaroti] respecting; revering.

garukātabba : [pt.p. of garukaroti] should be respected. (adj), worthy of esteem.

garukāra : [m.] esteem; honour; respect.

garugabbhā : [f.] a pregnant woman.

garuṭṭhānīya : [adj.] one who takes the place of a teacher; respectable.

garutā : [f.] heaviness; honourableness.

garutta : [nt.] heaviness; honourableness.

garuḷa : [m.] a mythical bird; a harpy.

gala : [m.] the neck; the throat.

galaggāha : [m.] taking by the neck; throttling.

galati : [gal + a] drips; flows; trickles.

galanāḷi : [f.] the larynx.

galanta : [pr.p. of galati] dripping; flowing; trickling.

galappamāṇa : [adj.] going up to the neck.

galamāna : [pr.p. of galati] dripping; flowing; trickling.

galavāṭaka : [m.] the bottom of the throat.

gali : [aor. of galati] dripped; flowed; trickled.