Ghatetva to gharani

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ghaṭetvā : [abs. of ghaṭeti] having connected; having united; having strived. || ghātetvā (abs. of ghāteti) having killed; having slain; having destroyed.

ghaṭenta : [pr.p. of ghaṭeti] connecting; uniting; striving. || ghātenta (pr.p. of ghāteti) killing; slaying; destroying.

ghaṭesi : [aor. of ghaṭeti] connected; united; strived. || ghātesi (aor. of ghāteti) killed; slew; destroyed.

ghaṭṭana : [nt.] striking; knocking against; insult.

ghaṭṭita : [pp. of ghaṭṭeti] struck; knocked against; offended.

ghaṭṭeti : [ghaṭṭ +e] strikes; knocks against; offends.

ghaṭṭetvā : [abs. of ghaṭṭeti] having struck; having knocked against; having offended.

ghaṭṭenta : [pr.p. of ghaṭṭeti] striking; knocking against; offending.

ghaṭṭesi : [aor. of ghaṭṭeti] struck; knocked against; offended.

ghaṇaviññāṇa : [nt.] perception of smell.

ghaṇṭā : [f.] a bell.

ghata : [nt.] ghee; clarified butter. || ghaṭa (m.), a water-pot. ghaṭā (f.), a cluster; a swarm; a crowd. ghāta (m.), killing; slaughter; destruction; robbery; brigandage.

ghatasitta : [adj.] sprinkled with ghee.

ghana : [adj.] thick; solid; dense; compact. (nt.), a club; a hammer; a musical instrument played by striking. (m.), a cloud.

ghanatama : [adj.] very thick. (m.), a thick darkness.

ghanapuppha : [nt.] a woollen coverlet embroidered with flowers.

ghanasāra : [m.] camphor.

ghanopala : [nt.] hailstorm.

ghamma : [m.] heat; the hot season.

ghammajala : [nt.] sweat; perspiration.

ghammābhitatta : [adj.] overpowered by heat.

ghammābhibhūta : [adj.] overpowered by heat.

ghara : [nt.] house.

gharagoḷikā : [f.] a house lizard.

gharaṇī : [f.] a house-wife; mistress of a house.