Giva to gutti

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gīvā : [f.] the neck.

gīveyyaka : [nt.] an ornament for the neck.

gīhīvyañjana : [nt.] characteristic of a layman.

gīhīsaṃsagga : [m.] association with laymen.

guggulu : [m.] a medicinal resin; bdellium.

guñjā : [f.] the medicinal creeper Abrus Precatorius.

guṇa : [m.] virtue; quality; a cord or string; a bow-string; (with numerals: diguṇa = twofold).

guṇakathā : [f.] praise.

guṇakittana : [nt.] telling about one's virtues.

guṇagaṇa : [m.] accumulation of good qualities.

guṇaṇūpeta : [adj.] endowed with good qualities.

guṇavantu : [adj.] virtuous.

guṇahīna : [adj.] devoid of virtue.

guṇī : [adj.] possessed of good qualities.

guṇṭhikā : [f.] a ball of strings.

guṇṭhita : [pp. of guṇṭheti] wrapped; covered; hidden.

guṇṭheti : [guṇṭh + e] wraps; covers; hides.

guṇṭhesi : [aor. of guṇṭheti] wrapped; covered; hid.

gutta : [pp. of gopeti] guarded; protected; watchful.

guttadvāra : [adj.] with well-guarded senses.

guttadvāratā : [f.] control over one's senses.

gutti : [f.] protection; guard; watchfulness.