Hasati to hapana

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hasati : [has + a] smiles; laughs.

hasana : [nt.] laughter.

hasanta : [pr.p. of hasati] smiling; laughing.

hasamāna : [pr.p. of hasati] smiling; laughing.

hasi : [aor. of hasati] smiled; laughed.

hasita : [pp. of hasati] smiled; laughed. (nt.), laughter. || hāsita (pp. of hāseti), made laugh; gladdened.

hasitabba : [pt.p. of hasati] should be smiled.

hasituppāda : [m.] aesthetic faculty.

hasitvā : [abs. of hasati] having smiled.

hasīyati : [v.] is laughed at.

hassa : [nt.] laughter; joke; jest.

hā : [ind.] alas!

hāṭaka : [nt.] a kind of gold.

hātabba : [pt.p. of hāyati] fit to be avoided or given up.

hātuṃ : [inf. of hāyati] to remove; to give up.

hānabhāgiya : [adj.] conducive to relinquishment.

hāpaka : [adj.] causing decrease or loss; reducing.

hāpana : [nt.] lessening; reduction.