Hatthaka to hattharoha

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hatthaka : [m.] a hand-like thing. (adj.), having hands.

hatthakamma : [nt.] manual labour.

hatthagata : [adj.] come into the possession.

hatthagahaṇa : [nt.] seizing by the hand.

hatthagāha : [m.] seizing by the hand.

hatthacchinna : [adj.] whose hand is cut off.

hatthaccheda : [m.] cutting of the hand.

hatthachedana : [m.] cutting of the hand.

hatthatala : [nt.] the palm of the hand.

hatthatthara : [m.] elephant rug.

hatthapasāraṇa : [nt.] stretching out one's hand.

hatthapāsa : [m.] a hand's length.

hatthavaṭṭaka : [m.] a hand-cart.

hatthavikāra : [m.] motion of the hand.

hatthasāra : [m.] the most valuable thing.

hatthācariya : [m.] elephant trainer.

hatthāpalekhana : [(hattha + apalekhana) adj.] licking the hands after taking meals.

hatthābharaṇa : [(hattha + ābharaṇa) nt.] a bracelet.

hatthāroha : [m.] an elephant driver.