Hutva to hetuso

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hutvā : [abs. of hoti] having been.

huraṃ : [adj.] in the other world; in another existence.

hurāhuraṃ : [ind.] from one place to another.

huveyya : [v.] it may be.

he : [a vocative particle] hey; eh; here; my dear.

heṭṭābhāga : [m.] the lower part.

heṭṭhato : [adv.] from below.

heṭṭhā : [adv.] below; down; underneath.

heṭṭhābhāga : [m.] the lower portion.

heṭṭhāmañce : [adv.] under the bed.

heṭṭhima : [adj.] lower.

heṭhaka : [adj.] one who harasses or troubles.

heṭhanā : [f.] harassing.

heṭhayamāna : [pr.p. of heṭheti] harassing; worrying.

heṭhita : [pp. of heṭheti] harassed; worried; injured.

heṭheti : [heṭh + e] harasses; worries; injures.

heṭhetvā : [abs. of heṭheti] having harassed.

heṭhenta : [pr.p. of heṭheti] harassing; worrying.

heṭhesi : [aor. of heṭheti] harassed; worried; injured.

hetu : [m.] cause; reason; condition.

hetuka : [adj.] connected with a cause.

hetuppabhava : [adj.] arising from a cause.

hetuvāda : [m.] the theory of cause.

hetuso : [ind.] according to the causes.