Iddha to indajala

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iddha : [pp. of ijjhati] prosperous; opulent; successful.

iddhi : [f.] prosperity; potency; psychic power.

iddhipāṭihāriya : [nt.] miracle.

iddhipāda : [m.] basis of psychic power.

iddhibala : [nt.] supernatural power.

iddhimantu : [adj.] possessing psychic powers.

iddhivisaya : [m.] extent of psychic power.

idha : [adv.] here; in this world or existence.

idhuma : [nt.] firewood.

inda : [m.] lord; king; the Vedic go Indra; the king of devas.

indakhīla : [m.] a door-step; threshold; a strong post before a city gate.

indagajjita : [nt.] the thunder.

indagopaka : [m.] a kind of red insects which come out from the ground after a rain fall.

indaggi : [m.] lightning.

indajāla : [nt.] magic.