Ikkhanika to ijjhi

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ikkhaṇika : [m.] fortune-teller. || ikkhaṇikā (f.), female fortune-teller.

ikkhati : [ikkh +a] looks at.

ikkhana : [nt.] seeing; looking at.

ikkhi : [aor. of ikkhati] looked at.

iṅgita : [nt.] gesture; sign.

iṅgha : [ind.] come on; look here.

iccha : [adj.] (in cpds.), wishing; longing; desirous of. || icchā (f.), desire; wish; longing.

icchaka : [adj.] one who desires.

icchati : [is + a] wishes; desires; longs for.

icchana : [nt.] desire; wish; longing.

icchanāvacara : [(icchan + āvacara) adj.] moving in desires; behaving as one likes.

icchanta : [pr.p. of icchati] wishing; longing for.

icchi : [aor. of icchati] wished; desired.

icchita : [pp. of icchati] wished; desired.

ijjhati : [idh + ya] thrives; succeeds; prospers.

ijjhana : [nt.] success; thriving. || ijjhanā (f.), success; thriving.

ijjhamāna : [pr.p. of ijjhati] thriving; succeeding; prospering.

ijjhi : [aor. of ijjhati] thrived; succeeded; prospered.