Iriya to ihaloka

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iriyā : [f.] movement of the body; posture.

iriyāpatha : [m.] deportment; four postures, viz: walking, standing, sitting, and lying down.

iriyi : [aor. of iriyati] moved; stirred; behaved.

illī : [f.] a short sword.

iva : [ind.] like; as.

isi : [m.] a sage; seer.

isipatana : [nt.] name of a place; present Sārnath near Benares.

isipabbajjā : [f.] leaving the house to become an anchorite.

issa : [m.] a bear. || issā (f.), jealousy; ill-will; envy.

issati : [iss + a] envies

issattha : [nt.] archery. (m.) an archer.

issara : [m] 1. lord; master; 2. the Creator.

issarajana : [m.] rich or influential people.

issaranimmāṇa : [nt.] the creation.

issaranimmāṇavādī : [3] one who believes in a Creator.

issariya : [nt.] supremacy; domination; wealth.

issariyatā : [f.] lordship.

issariyamada : [m.] pride of supremacy.

issariyādhipacca : [nt.] over-lordship.

issāmanaka : [adj.] jealous.

issāsa : [m.] a bow; an archer.

issukī : [adj.] envious; jealous.

iha : [ind.] here. || īhā (f.), endeavour; exertion.

ihaloka : [n.] this world; present existence.