Ito to idani

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ito : [ind.] from here; from now; hence.

itopaṭṭhāya : [ind.] hence-forth.

ittara : [adj.] short-lived; brief; very small or few.

ittarakāla : [m.] a short period.

itthaṃ : [adv.] thus; in this way.

itthaṃnāma : [adj.] called thus; so-called.

itthaṃbhūta : [adj.] being thus; of this kind.

itthatta : [nt.] 1. (itthaṃ + tta:) the present state; this life. 2. (itthi + tta:) womanhood; femininity.

itthannāma : [adj.] of such and such a name.

itthāgāra : [m.] 1. harem; seraglio; 2. harem-ladies.

itthi : [f.] woman; female. || itthī (f.), woman; female.

itthikā : [f.] woman; female. || iṭṭhikā (f.), tile; brick.

itthidhutta : [m.] one who indulges in women.

itthinimitta : [nt.] female organ.

itthiliṅga : [nt.] female organ; feminine quality or gender.

idaṃ : [(Nom. and Acc. sing. of ima) nt.] this thing.

idappaccayatā : [f.] having its foundation on this, i.e., causally connected.

idāni : [adv.] now.