Jagati to jangha

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jagati : [f.] the earth; the world.

jagatippadesa : [m.] a spot on the earth.

jagatiruha : [m.] a tree.

jagiṃsanta : [pr.p. of] wishing to have.

jaggati : [jagg + a] watches over; nourishes; lies awake.

jaggana : [nt.] tending; bringing up; watchfulness. || jagganā (f.) tending; bringing up; watchfulness.

jaggi : [aor. of jaggati] watched over.

jaggitvā : [abs. of jaggati] having watched over.

jagghati : [jaggh + a] laughs; derides.

jagghanā : [f.] laughter.

jagghi : [aor. of jagghati] laughed; derided.

jagghita : [nt.] laughter.

jaghana : [nt.] the lion; the buttocks.

jaghi : [aor. of jagghati] laughed; derided.

jaṅgama : [adj.] movable.

jaṅgala : [nt.] jungle; a sandy and waterless place.

jaṅghapesanika : [nt.] carrying messages on foot; (m.), one who carries messages.

jaṅghamagga : [m.] foot-path.

jaṅghā : [f.] the lower leg; the calf of the leg.