Jalana to javi

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jalana : [nt.] shining; burning.

jalaniggama : [m.] an outlet for water; a drain.

jalanidhi : [m.] the ocean.

jalanta : [pr.p. of jalati] shining; burning; blazing.

jalamānā : [pr.p. of jalati] shining; burning.

jalābu : [m.] the placenta.

jalābuja : [adj.] born in a placenta; viviparous.

jalālaya : [m.] a lake; an artificial tank.

jalāsaya : [(jala + asaya), m.] a lake; an artificial tank.

jali : [aor. of jalati] shone; burnt.

jalitvā : [abs. of jalati] having shone; having burnt.

jalūkā : [f.] a leech.

jalla : [nt.] wet-dirt.

jallikā : [f.] dirt (on the body); decayed outer bark of the tree.

java : [m.] speed; strength.

javati : [ju + a] runs; hastens; hurries.

javana : [nt.] impulse; alacrity; swift understanding; running. (adj.), swift.

javanapaññā : [adj.] having swift understanding.

javanikā : [f.] a screen; curtain.

javamānā : [pr.p. of javati] running; hurrying.

javi : [aor. of javati] ran; hastened; hurried.