Jalesi to jighaccha

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jālesi : [aor. of jāleti] kindled; lighted.

jigiṃsaka : [adj.] desirous of.

jigiṃsati : [har + sa. har becomes giṃ; it is doubled and the former gin becomes ji] desires.

jigiṃsanā : [f.] covetousness; desire for.

jigiṃsamāna : [pr.p. of jigiṃsati] desiring.

jigiṃsā : [f.] covetousness; desire for.

jigiṃsi : [aor. of jigiṃsati] desired.

jigiṃsita : [pp. of jigiṃsati] desired.

jigucchaka : [adj.] one who disapproves of or dislikes.

jigucchati : [gup + cha; gu is doubled and the first gu becomes ji] shuns; loathes; is disgusted at.

jigucchana : [nt.] disgust for; dislike; detestation. || jigucchanā (f.) disgust for; dislike; detestation.

jigucchanta : [pr.p. of jigucchati] shunning.

jigucchamāna : [pr.p. of jigucchati] shunning.

jigucchā : [f.] disgust for; dislike; detestation.

jigucchi : [aor. of jigucchati] shunned; loathed.

jigucchita : [pp. of jigucchati] shunned; loathed.

jigucchitvā : [abs. of jigucchati] having shunned; having loathed.

jigucchiya : [abs. of jigucchati] having shunned; having loathed.

jighacchati : [ghas + cha; g is doubled and the first g is changed to ji. the s of the root becomes c.] is hungry; desires to eat.

jighacchā : [f.] hunger.