Jetthaka to joti

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jeṭṭhaka : [adj.] chief; fore-most.

jeṭṭhatara : [adj.] more old or superior.

jeṭṭhabhaginī : [f.] the elder sister.

jeṭṭhabhātika : [m.] the elder brother.

jeṭṭhabhātu : [m.] the elder brother.

jeṭṭhamāsa : [m.] name of a month, May-June.

jeṭṭhāpacāyana : [nt.] respect to the elders.

jeṭṭhāpacāyī : [m.] paying respect for the elders.

jetabba : [pt.p. of jeti] fit to be conquered.

jeti : [ji + e] conquers; subdues.

jetvā : [abs. of jeti] having conquered; having subdued.

jenta : [pr.p. of jeti] conquering.

jeyya : [pt.p. of jeti] should be conquered.

jesi : [aor. of jeti] conquered; subdued.

jessati : [v.] he will defeat.

jotaka : [adj.] illuminating; one who makes clear.

jotati : [jut + a] shines; becomes bright.

jotana : [nt.] shining; explanation. || jotanā (f.) shining; explanation.

jotanta : [pr.p. of jotati] shining; becoming bright.

jotayamānā : [pr.p. of joteti] illuminating; making clear.

joti : [f.] light; radiance. (nt.), a star. (m.), fire. (aor. of jotati), shone; became bright.