Junha to jettha

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juṇha : [adj.] bright. || juṇhā (f.) moonlight; a moonlit night.

juṇhapakkha : [m.] the bright half of the month.

juti : [f.] effulgence; brightness.

jutika : [adj.] having brightness.

jutindhara : [adj.] resplendent; brilliant.

jutimantu : [adj.] brilliant.

juhati : [hu + a; hu is doubled and the first h becomes j] pours into fire; dedicates.

juhana : [nt.] a sacrifice; an offering.

juhi : [aor. of juhati] poured into fire; dedicated.

jūta : [nt.] gambling.

jūtakāra : [m.] a gambler.

je : a particle used to address a slave woman or a woman of low grade.

jeguccha : [adj.] contemptible; loathsome.

jegucchī : [m.] one who detests or avoids.

jejassī : [m.] brilliant.

jeṭṭha : [adj.] elder; supreme; foremost.