Kalatta to kalira

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kalatta : [nt.] the wife.

kalandaka : [m.] a squirrel.

kalandakanivāpa : [m.] a locality where the squirrels are fed.

kalabha : [m.] a young elephant.

kalala : [nt.] mud; mire.

kalalamakkhita : [adj.] smeared or soiled with mud.

kalalarūpa : [nt.] the first stage in the formation of the foetus.

kalasa : [nt.] a small water-pot.

kalaha : [m.] quarrel; dispute.

kalahakāraka : [adj.] one who quarrels.

kalahakāraṇa : [nt.] the cause of a dispute.

kalahasadda : [m.] a brawl; squabble.

kalāpa : [m.] 1. a bundle; sheaf; 2. a quiver; 3. a group of elementary particles.

kalāpī : [m.] 1. peacock; 2. one who has a quiver or a bundle.

kali : [m.] 1. defeat; 2. bad luck; 3. sin; 4. distress.

kaliggaha : [m.] a losing throw; defeat; evil consequence.

kaliṅgara : [m.; nt.] a log; rotten piece of wood; chaff.

kaliyuga : [m.] the age of vice and misery, i.e. the last of the four period of an aeon.

kalīra : [nt.] the soft part above the steam of a palm tree.