Kalusa to kavi

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kalusa : [nt.] 1. sin; 2. impurity. (adj.),1. impure; 2. dirty.

kalebara : [nt.] the body.

kalyāṇa : [adj.] charming; morally good. (nt.), goodness; merit; virtue; welfare.

kalyāṇakāma : [adj.] desiring what is good.

kalyāṇakārī : [adj.] one who ,does good things; virtuous.

kalyāṇatā : [f.] goodness; beauty.

kalyāṇadassana : [adj.] handsome; lovely.

kalyāṇadhamma : [adj.; m.] good conduct or doctrine.

kalyāṇapaṭibhāṇa : [adj.] having quick understanding.

kalyāṇamitta : [m.] a good companion; honest friend.

kalyāṇājjhāsaya : [adj.] having intention to do good.

kalyāṇī : [f.] 1. a beautiful woman; 2. name of a river and a town in Ceylon.

kalyānadhamma : [adj.] virtuous. (m.), good conduct or doctrine.

kalla : [adj.] 1. clever; able 2. healthy; sound; 3. ready; 4. proper.

kallatā : [f.] ability; readiness.

kallasarīra : [adj.] having a sound body.

kallahāra : [nt.] white water lily.

kallola : [m.] a billow.

kavaca : [m.] a count of a mail; armour.

kavandha : [m.] headless (trunk of the) body.

kavāṭa : [m.; nt.] window; the shutters of a door.

kavi : [m.] poet.