Kathina to kandita

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kaṭhina : [adj.] rough; hard; stiff. (nt.), the clothe annually supplied to the monks for making robes.

kaṭhinatthāra : [m.] dedication of the Kaṭhina robe.

kaṭhinuddhāra : [m.] withdrawal of the Kaṭhina robe.

kaḍḍhana : [nt.] pulling; dragging; sucking.

kaṇa : [m.] fine powder between the husk and the grain of rice; broken rice. || kāṇa (adj.), blind (of one eye). (m.), one-eyed person.

kaṇaya : [m.] a sort of spear; a short of lance.

kaṇavīra : [m.] the oleander.

kaṇājaka : [nt.] porridge of broken rice.

kaṇikāra : [m.] the tree Petrospermum Acerifolium, whose flowers are of golden colour.

kaṇiṭṭha : [adj.] the youngest; younger born. || kaṇiṭṭhā (f.), the younger sister.

kaṇiṭṭhaka : [m.] the younger brother.

kaṇiṭṭhaṭṭhikā : [f.] the younger sister.

kaṇiṭṭhikā : [f.] the younger sister.

kaṇiṭṭhī : [f.] the younger sister.

kaṇiya : [adj.] the youngest; younger born.

kaṇeru : [m.] an elephant. (f.) a she-elephant. see kareṇu.

kaṇṭha : [m.] the neck; throat; guttural.

kaṇṭhanāḷa : [m.] the throat.

kaṇḍa : [m.] 1. a portion or chapter; 2. an arrow or shaft.

kaṇḍarā : [f.] tendon.

kaṇḍita : [pp. of khaṇḍeti] broken into pieces; transgressed.