Kavittha to kasira

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kaviṭṭha : [m.] elephant-apple tree. || kaviṭṭha = kapiṭṭha

kavitā : [f.] state of poet.

kavitta : [nt.] state of poet.

kasaṭa : [m.] the refuse; dregs; acrid. (adj.), nasty; worthless.

kasati : [kas + a] ploughs; tills.

kasana : [nt.] tilling.

kasanta : [pr.p. of kasati] tilling; ploughing.

kasamāna : [pr.p. of kasati] tilling; ploughing.

kasambu : [m.] fifth; rubbish.

kasambujāta : [adj.] impure; of bad character.

kasā : [f.] a whip. || kāsa (m.),1. a kind of reed; 2. consumption.

kasāya : [nt.] a decoration; a distillation.

kasāva : [m.; nt.] 1. the acrid taste; 2. a cloth of orange colour. (adj.),, of the orange colour. || kāsāva (nt.), yellow robe. (adj), dyed with orange colour.

kasāhata : [nt.] a being whipped or flogged.

kasi : [aor. of kasati] ploughed; tilled. || kāsi (m.), name of a country (the capital of which was Benares).

kasikamma : [nt.] agriculture; husbandry.

kasiṇa : [adj.] whole; entire. (nt.), an object for meditation.

kasiṇaparikamma : [nt.] the preliminary duties the should be performed before meditation.

kasiṇamaṇḍala : [nt.] the circular disk used as an object for meditation.

kasita : [pp. of kasati] plouhged; tilled.

kasitaṭṭhāna : [nt.] tilled ground.

kasitvā : [abs. of kasati] having ploughed.

kasibhaṇḍa : [nt.] agricultural implements.

kasira : [adj.] miserable; difficult. (nt.), misery; trouble; difficulty.