Khadira to khamaniya

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khadira : [m.] acacia tree.

khadiraṅgāra : [m.] embers of acacia wood.

khanta : [pp. of khamati] was patient; endured; forbore; pardoned.

khanti : [f.] patience; wish; forbearance.

khantika : [adj.] (in cpds.) of such and such a belief. aññakhantika = of another belief.

khantibala : [nt.] power of patience.

khantimantu : [adj.] forbearing; patient.

khantu : [m.] one who forbears; gentle.

khandha : [m.] 1. bulk; 2. the trunk of the body or of a tree; 3. mass; heap; 4. a section or chapter; 5. sensorial aggregates which condition the appearance of life in any form.

khandhaka : [m.] a division or chapter.

khandhapañcaka : [nt.] the five aggregates, viz. material qualities, feeling, perception, coefficients of consciousness, and consciousness.

khandhāvāra : [m.] a camp.

khama : [adj.] forgiving; enduring; bearing. || khamā (f.) tolerance; patience; endurance.

khamati : [kham + a] is patient; endures; forbears; pardons.

khamana : [nt.] tolerance; patience; endurance.

khamanīya : [adj.] bearable.