Khepa to khomasukhuma

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khepa : [m.] a throw; casting; loss (of mind).

khepana : [nt.] passing of (time); wasting; annihilation.

khepita : [pp. of khepeti] spent; wasted.

khepeti : [khip + e] spends (time or wealth); causes to be wasted.

khepetvā : [abs. of kkepeti] having spent; having wasted.

khepenta : [pr.p. of khepeti] spending; wasting.

khepesi : [aor. of khepeti] spent (time or wealth); caused be wasted.

khema : [adj.] safe; calm; full of peace.

khemaṭṭhāna : [nt.] secure place; place of shelter.

khemappatta : [adj.] having attained tranquillity.

khemabhūmi : [f.] a peaceful place.

khemī : [m.] one who enjoys security.

khelāsika : [adj.] phlegm-eater; an abusive term.

kheḷa : [m.] saliva.

kheḷamallaka : [m.] a spittoon.

kho : [ind.] indeed; really; surely; (an enclictic particle of affirmative and emphasis).

khobha : [m.] shock; agitation.

khoma : [nt.] linen cloth. (adj.), flaxen.

khomadussa : [nt.] line cloth; name of a village in the Sākyan territory.

khomasukhuma : [nt.] fine cloth of flax.