Khiyana to khubhita

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khīyana : [nt.] 1. exhaustion; 2. blaming.

khīyamāna : [pr.p. of khīyati] being exhausted; wasting away; becoming dejected.

khīyi : [aor. of khīyati] was exhausted; wasted away; became dejected.

khīyitvā : [abs. of khīyati] having exhausted; having wasted away; having become dejected.

khīra : [nt.] milk.

khīraṇṇava : [m.] the white see.

khīrapaka : [adj.] sucking the milk.

khīrapāyāsa : [m.] milk-rice.

khīrika : [f.] the tree Buchanania Latifolia.

khīrodana : [(khīra + odana) nt.] milk-rice (boiled).

khujja : [adj.] humpbacked (person).

khudā : [f.] hunger.

khudda : [adj.] small; inferior; insignificant. || khuddā (f.), a kind of small bees.

khuddaka : [nt.] honey made by a kind of small bees.

khuddakanikāya : [m.] name of a collection of canonical books.

khuddakapāṭha : [m.] name of the first book of the khuddaka-group.

khuddānukhuddaka : [adj.] the lesser and minor (duties or precepts.)

khuppipāsā : [f.] hunger and thirst.

khubhati : [khubh + a] is agitated or disturbed.

khubhi : [aor. of khubhati] was agitated or disturbed.

khubhita : [pp. of khubhati] was agitated or disturbed.