Khura to kheda

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khura : [nt.] 1. a razor; 2. hoof (of an animal).

khurakosa : [m.] sheath for a razor.

khuragga : [nt.] the hall of tonsure.

khuracakka : [nt.] a wheel sharp as razor.

khuradhārā : [f.] the blade of a razor.

khurappa : [m.] a kind of arrow.

khurabhaṇḍa : [nt.] the outfit of a barber.

khuramuṇḍa : [nt.] a close-shaven.

kheṭa : [nt.] a shield.

kheṭaka : [nt.] a shield.

khetta : [nt.] field; plot of land; suitable place; a place where something is produced or found.

khettakamma : [nt.] work in the field.

khettagopaka : [m.] field watcher.

khettatūpama : [adj.] to be likened to a field.

khettasāmika : [m.] owner of a field.

khettājiva : [m.] cultivator; farmer.

khettūpama : [adj.] to be likened to a field.

kheda : [m.] regret; distress; affliction; despair.