Kicchi to kittaka

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kicchi : [aor. of kicchati] was troubled or wearied.

kicchena : [adv.] with difficulty.

kiñ ca : [ind.] why not; rather.

kiñcana : [nt.] something; a trifle; worldly attachment; trouble.

kiñcāpi : [ind.] whatever; however much; but.

kiñci : [ind.] something.

kiñcikkha : [nt.] trifle.

kiñjakkha : [nt.] filament; pollen.

kiṭṭha : [nt.] growing corn.

kiṭṭhasambādha-samaya : [m.] harvest-time; when corn is fully grown.

kiṭṭhāda : [adj.] corn-eating.

kiṭṭhārakkha : [m.] a watcher of corn.

kiṇanta : [pr.p. of kiṇāti] buying.

kiṇāti : [ki + ṇā] buys.

kiṇi : [aor. of kiṇāti] bought.

kiṇituṃ : [inf. of kiṇāti] to buy.

kiṇitvā : [abs. of kiṇāti] having bought.

kiṇīyati : [v.] is bought.

kiṇṇa : [pp. of kirati] scattered. (nt.), yeast.

kitava : [m.] a cheat.

kittaka : [inter. pron.] how much? to what extent? how many?