Laddhika to lamba

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laddhika : [adj.] having a certain view.

laddhuṃ : [inf. of labhati] to get; to receive.

lapati : [lap + a] speaks; talks; prattles.

lapana : [nt.] the mouth; speech. || lapanā (f.), prattling; flattering.

lapanaja : [m.] a tooth.

lapi : [aor. of lapati] spoke; talked; prattled.

lapita : [pp. of lapati] spoken; talked; prattled.

lapitvā : [abs. of lapati] having spoken; having talked; having prattled.

labuja : [m.] the breadfruit tree.

labbhati : [labh + ya] to be obtained or received.

labbhamāna : [pr.p. of labbhati] obtaining; receiving.

labbhā : [ind.] possible; allowable; may be obtained.

labhati : [labh + a] gets; obtains; attains.

labhanta : [pr.p. of labhati] getting; obtaining; attaining.

labhi : [aor. of labhati] got; obtained; attained. || lābhī (m.), one who gains much.

labhituṃ : [inf. of labhati] to get; to receive.

labhitvā : [abs. of labhati] having got; having obtained; having attained.

labhissati : [fut. of labhati]

lamba : [adj.] hanging from; pendulous.